About me

Cybernetics Engineer: People Coach & Agile Consultant.

Gabriela Arriaga-Viggiano is my full name, but you can call me Gabbi. I am a Cybernetic Engineer with a Master of Science in Positive Organizational Management. With over ten Years of experience analyzing portfolio projects, and Agile products, but always aware of the people involved in, their performance, growth path, and work/ life balance.

I am an Advanced Scrum Master certified, able not only to share best practices on Scrum but to customize work strategies from any Agile framework for new teams, then guide them to get higher performance results and be able to work on a Scaled Agile organization.

I am also a certified Product Owner which allows me to plan and coordinate team releases, internally and cross teams. Along with my Scrum Master vision I am able to keep realistic and balance planning while negotiating scope in a Scrum of Scrums basis.

I love learning and I am a passionate of sharing. I always encourage my teams to constantly preparing to get the job they want, in addition to doing the job you currently have. I truly believe that motivation spreads from person to person, and like a seed we plant, we must take good care of it, as will become the crop you harvest.