How to handle changes?

Handling Challenges

I am really pleased to share my participation in @TalentLand forum for Year 2020 #Guadalajara.

I decided to give a talk that help our teams to face challenges at work or in life, like this forced Home Office, or any other change that we could be dealing these days.

I want to emphatize that this talk was not only focusing on #HomeOffice, #RemoteWork, or #NewRealityChallenges, even when all of these topics are trending due to the #Covid-19 is forcing us to digitalize a lot of work processes and personal routines, including public events as Talent Land now Talent Land @ Home being a virtual stand this year.

I am really exited to share such interesting and useful points you can use for yourself and with your team whenever any change is coming, or any challenge you’re facing, not only at work, but also at home.

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